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I seek what s behind your eyes dwells within

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I seek what s behind your eyes dwells within

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Kahlil Gibran - And now it was evening. And Almitra the seeress said, Blessed be this day and this place and your spirit that has spoken. And he answered, Was it I who spoke?

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A noontide have you been in our twilight, and your youth has given us dreams to dream. Yet I cannot tarry longer.

The farewell

This life that now we know! A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me. Was I not also a listener? And oftentimes I was among you a lake among the mountains.

You have walked among us a spirit, and your shadow has been a light upon our faces. The stream has reached the sea, beyind once more the great mother holds her son against her breast. The wind blows, and restless are the sails; Even the rudder begs direction; Yet quietly my captain awaits my silence.

Less than a promise have I given, and yet more generous have you been to me. Some of you have deemed me proud and over-shy to receive gifts. If these be vague words, then seek not to clear them. The mist that drifts away at dawn, leaving but dew in the fields, shall rise and gather into a cloud and then fall down in rain.

And in you I have found aloneness And the joy of being shunned and scorned. But as he descended the hill, a sadness came upon him, and he thought in his heart: How shall I go in peace and without sorrow? It is in the vast man that you are vast, And in beholding him that I beheld you and loved you. But sweeter still than laughter and greater than longing came to me. This would I have you remember in remembering me: That which seems most feeble and bewildered in you is the strongest and most determined.

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And is it not a dream which none of you remember having dreamt, that Single woman wants nsa Reston your city and fashioned all there is in it? This poem is in the public domain. It aught I have said is truth, that truth shall reveal itself in a clearer voice, and in words more kin to your thoughts. Life, and all that lives, is conceived in the mist and not in the crystal.

The veil that clouds your eyes shall be lifted by the hands that wove it, And the clay that fills ehat ears shall be pierced by those fingers that kneaded it.

On talking

Too proud indeed am I to receive wages, but not gifts. I mirrored the summits in you and the bending slopes, and even the passing flocks of your thoughts and your desires. Suffer not yet our eyes to hunger for your face. And there came out of the sanctuary a woman whose name was Almitra.

Kahlil Gibran - And now it was evening. And he and the people proceeded towards the great square before the temple. And shall my desires flow like a fountain that Sek may fill their cups? And these my mariners, who have heard the choir of the greater sea, they too have heard me patiently.

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But speechless was our love, and with veils has it been veiled. Our old women gods, we ask you!

Shall my heart become a tree heavy-laden with fruit that I may gather and give unto them? Verily you often make merry without knowing. Yea, I shall return with the tide, And though death may hide me, and the greater silence enfold me, yet ddwells will I seek your understanding. For this I bless you most: You give much and know not that you give at all.

And he looked upon her with exceeding tenderness, for it was wihtin who had first sought and believed in him when he had been but a day in their city. And to inquire in his temple. And as he walked he saw from afar men and women leaving their fields and their vineyards and hastening towards the city gates. Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.