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I love smaller breasts

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I love smaller breasts

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Nobody was seriously injured, but it did reinforce a stereotype about guys' tastes. The truth is more complicated, however. Different body types, including smaller-than-average breasts, attract different people. Just one more reason why women should worry less about their bodies. Here are the scientific explanations why

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We can add to what we've already got and it doesn't look cheap or cheesy.

Itty bitty: 28 reasons you absolutely love your small boobs

The part-time, minimum wage job I held as a teen didn't really provide the cash flow required for shopping in luxury lingerie boutiques. We're able to really hold a person's complete attention because they aren't listening to our breasts, but rather our words. I've always embraced the bosom that I've got, opting for bandeaus and strapless dresses and even push-ups when I want an extra boost.

Cross-body bags don't look like they're sectioning off your entire body Messenger bags don't cut I love smaller breasts cleavage until it hurts, and you aren't subjected to looking like a bag of balloons. People don't falsely believe that you are top-heavy Your waist is always well-defined because your boobs don't force your shirt to stick out.

Nobody was seriously injured, but it did reinforce a stereotype about guys' tastes. And, therefore, scumbags.

Even to do this day, I often ditch my bra during hot summer weather. Teenagers are notoriously self-conscious, self-deprecating and self-obsessed. I've found self-consciousness dissolves bit by bit as you age. No hands! Finding the right sports bra is a science, requiring a smqller of research, trial and error.

Different body types, including smaller-than-average breasts, attract different people. This never happens! Having small breasts in high school was, in my mind at least, a disaster of epic proportions. Someone is taking notice of my tits!

Someone is actually referring to one of my lovf parts as small! But humans are definitely still animals, which means we evolved largely based on mating preferences -- and the more preferences, the better our chances of survival. Or a hairy chested manfor that matter.

And, there's nothing we want more when we're teenagers than to be a self-sufficient adult, and all that comes with it. Evolution favors variety You've heard the saying "men are pigs" or smalle are dogs. And younger me resented my little boobs for not quite making it happen. Go on, rock out with your back out! So when the boobies don't come, we're left wanting desperately for them.

Like, I'm very clearly an adult, I love smaller breasts there's no longer any room to erroneous place the blame on my boobs.

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Smaller I was pregnant, I used to go to the beach and dig a hole in the sand for my belly, just for a chance to snooze on my stomach. Oh, are you waiting for the next step? My lack of luscious lady lumps won't bring me down. You can walk down the street without self-consciously thinking that someone is staring at your breasts. Images: Giphy Jojo Jovanovic 2.

But whatever, I'm not ashamed to say that cleavage can look awesome sometimes. We can shop at any lingerie store with ease beeasts the fit doesn't vary greatly.

In fact, most people probably aren't thinking or saying anything about me at all. The best part about reaching my mid-twenties? If men like you for you and your small boobs then that's all right. Crop tops don't look like bras They look exactly like what they're supposed to look like: your shrunken t-shirt that got further shrunk in the wash according to Grandma. breasta

When you take your top off it's like, "NBD, you've seen these before on your pudgy little brother. You can even shop online because it's not hard to determine your size. And in some special scenarios, they can lovve make your boobs look bigger. We're able to keep up without our breasts getting in the way.

Why i love my small boobs so much more now

It's almost over, I promise. Instead we've got an ass that speaks for itself. You don't have to endure back pain Your frontside isn't too heavy for your back to support. Who gives a tit? There's nothing better then living life without large breast-induced back pain, except maybe doing it with delightfully fake cleavage.

Tastes change over time Why else might a guy prefer smaller-than-average boobs? You rarely receive the negative attention that a full-busted woman has to endure You don't have a voluptuous, buxom figure and that's OK.

If only I could go back in time and tell my insecure teenage self that she has years of small boob-loving, comfy stomach-sleeping, bandeau-wearing bliss ahead of her. Not for ladies with fun-sized boobs, though!

As a small-chested woman, I get to partake in the world of bandeau swimwear, bandeau shirts and bandeau bras without any worries about wardrobe malfunction. I can finally enjoy all the perks of being small-chested You know, perks: No one notices anything is amiss when your bathing suit gets washed off by a breast wave; People actually look at your face for lack of cleavage entertainment; Buttons loce pop off your button-down shirts; It's easier to detect breast cancer lumps ; You have all-around better posture.

Sorry, there isn't one. But now, I've got it covered, and it doesn't involve tissue stuffed in a bra. You have to be super hot to incite boob sweat Boob sweat will never be included in your list of afflictions.