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Bad girl need spanked

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Bad girl need spanked

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My name is Sue-Anne and I want you to know right off that I'm not a bad girl. Honest I'm not. I'm a good girl. Sweet 18 and almost never been kissed. But I had this little bit of bother yesterday.

Age: 54
Relationship Status: Dowager
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City: Clarence Creek
Hair: Dyed brown
Relation Type: You're Smart, Beautiful. You're Married

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This kinda thing could ruin a girls reputation!

Bad girls need spanking

He shut the blinds and closed the door, at which point I started to get a little nervous. I was truly howling with the pain as he smacked the hot, sore parts all over again. He had pulled his typical Bad News behavior, by leaving her in the spankev. However hard I struggled he just kept me pinned down. Like I said, I was floating in this pink fuzz of sensation and everything seemed incredibly warm and slowed down and spaced-out.

Worse than when that bitch Jennifer pushed me over in dance class and I skinned my knee and broke a nail. And you know it felt kind of dreamy just laying there now the spanking had stopped.

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God damn it hurt! Natasha gjrl me earlier that she had a bathing suit modeling go-see the next day. I just lay there across his lap, butt in the air, legs wide apart.

Mom is amazed. When he finally let me get up off his lap I could hardly stand, but I had this big woozy grin on my face. I lowered myself gingerly across his lap and tried to settle down in the unfamiliar position.

I may be a good girl, but I had my suspicions spabked what that was! I was sobbing and crying, laying there over his lap. The nerve of the guy! How dare he! My mom and dad had never spanked me but how bad could a few swats on the ass be? Thats OK then!

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Yuckity yuck! It enabled me to blister Natasha's bare bottom without stray licks that may have hampered her getting the job. I felt like I was drifting off on a big pink cloud. BBad

He showed me this leather paddle he keeps in a drawer, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what he means by that! I gritted my teeth.

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The next thing I knew Mr Grosch had tipped me right across his lap so my head was down near the floor and my ass was right up in the air. So I agreed. I was like biting the cushion to keep from screaming. And I could feel something hard stirring under me and poking up into my tummy. It was only when I felt his fingers on the inside of my thigh that I realised my legs were wide apart.

She agreed to that. Well the old miser was royally pissed for some reason best known to himself. This was a good old-fashioned, fully nude strap lickin'. But I had this little bit of bother yesterday. I'm a good girl.

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How odd! But when I tried to protest he just grabbed me by the hair and pushed me back down. I was begging him to stop.

Good Ggirl The little white cotton panties I was wearing were totally no protection at all. He kept gently pushing my hips down so my tummy rubbed his big bulgy thing. Bad News She drove with him out to the high desert about three hours one way from me. Mr Grosch was rubbing my ass gently with his hand and it was just lovely.

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Well it was more than enough for me, so I started to get up but he pushed me back down over his lap and held me there while I fought to get free. His igrl was whacking my burning ass. This site is billed by chatcs.

In all this unseemly wriggling around my blouse had pulled up out of my skirt and the buttons had come undone. But something else was going on too. Thank goodness the door was closed, because I was wailing like a banshee. spxnked

Spanking Fetishes Caning Whipping Slaves Natasha was a true to life story, of proof how spanking can turn around a girl's approach to her own life. I was doing some chores for our neighbor, Mr Grosch.

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When I met her she was influenced by her boyfriend to try to rip me off. I was still crying, but I was suddenly very tired. This was filmed one month after this gitl in the car.