The Accidental Time Machine

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By Joe Haldeman

  Date added to list: January 3, 2010
  Date started: January 10, 2010
  Date finished: January 18, 2010

My Review

Rating: 9/10

I’m biased, any book that involves time travel is automatically marked one rating higher… what can I say. The book was enjoyable although I found it disconcerting that there were leaps in logic the author made which had me confused. For example if something disappears and reappears should I “assume” it is a time machine? Maybe it’s still there but I can see it. The main character made these kinds of assumptions and took them at face value rather than theorize and test. As far as the reader is concerned, it’s a leap in logic that should be explained. Tell me WHY we think it’s a time machine. There were several other instances such as this. Things like: their hair is short, it must be their religion. (Not actually in book but an example).

All in all it was a nice romp in a genre I thoroughly enjoy.

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