My Dream...

To establish a place where couples can get away from the pressures of everyday life and spend quality, as well as quantity time refocusing their marriage on the true priority. I've heard so many people say:

"We were young and didn't know what we were doing"
"I never really loved him"
"We got married for the wrong reason"
"She's not the person I married"

The reality is that we as human beings can inflict pain so deep on each other that no human being can ever hope to ease or erase. The suffering is deep, the pain is unbearable for too many. Those marriages either end up with one or both spouses feeling like a caged animal with no retreat or the marriage becomes another statistic. The fact is that the human condition is one of intense suffering. Why would our marriages be exempt?

There are some whose marriages are an absolute nightmare. Not that it has to be that way or should be that way, those are just the facts. My heart has been to work with marriages - especially those 90% that are mediocre at best - and see their spirits as well as their commitment to each other renewed. I have no deep vision or answers just a heart that yearns to facilitate a spiritual awakening and hopefully a vision of what marriage was meant to be.

I envision a peaceful setting in the woods with lakes and streams nearby. A facility with self contained cabins and a central meeting area. Not something large and grandiose, maybe 6 to 12 cabins in a rustic setting. I see social times with other couples to play games, go fishing, paddleboats, canoes. I see organized time for couples to work together tp prepare a meal for a date. I see seminar topics on aspects of married life and changing the focus from what we get to what we can give followed by a practical "live it out" time.

My dream is to do all this not to make money but to serve. Something like this would provide living expenses and not much more. Ideally the cost would be as inexpensive as possible to afford all couples a chance at renewing their relationship. If there were a way to provide scholarships for marriages in need my heart would leap for joy.

This has been my vision for the past 5 years. It's big. I've run the numbers backwards and forwards. I've stepped back and looked at funding it in creative ways. I have come to the conclusion that it is bigger than me. So here I am years later realizing that, although it's beyond me, that there may be enough others with a vision for what marriages could be that with your donations it might be a reality.

I can't make any promises except this. Any monies designated for my dream will benefit that dream. If at some point I determine that whatever was designated is not enough for me to work with a marriages, 100% of it will be donated to an organization that promotes the same ideals about marriage and is actively doing work with couples.

No, your donation is not tax deductible (at least at this time). No, I will not take a vacation or buy a new car. I will set it aside in an interest bearing account and see what is provided. Yes, as the retreat center is established the current plan is that all properties, etc. will be in my name. Yes, my plan is to get 100% funding so that my only expenses are related to general living expenses which could be covered by retreat attendees. This would mean that I could devote all of my time to property maintenance and facilitating the best experience for guests. Any benefit that I personally see will be limited to what is in line with serving the dream.

If you feel led please donate once, twice or however you please. For anyone who would like to know where things are at, I will give an open accounting at any time.


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