Who am I? Why am I blogging?

This is where you get the backstory, the things about me. Everything you always wanted to know… or maybe not.

This bio will be a work in progress until I am satisfied that I have portrayed myself not necessarily in an accurate light but in the way I’d like to be known.

Let me begin from the end. I started this blog at the urging of a friend, Dennis Harris. I was rather reluctant at first but after giving it a lot of thought I saw that I could accomplish several goals at once with a blog.

  1. I have wanted to journal may wandering thoughts and pondering’s for some time but wondered if I’d have the discipline to follow through. Mostly because I’m interested in seeing where the threads have wandered when looking back from a vantage point of 5, 10 or 20 years in the future. A time capsule, if you will.
  2. I want to work on organizing my thoughts to improve my ability to communicate effectively when speaking. All too often my thoughts are a random mess that even I cannot follow until I worked on articulating them for a while.
  3. I have a passion for exploring relationships, especially the marriage relationship. As I explore this one I find that the drive is likely twofold: 1) Empathy for others leading to their betterment, 2) Improvement in my own marriage and relations for its betterment.
  4. Meditation on various thoughts. Relationships, marriage, spiritual whatever. I tend to either get busy or lazy and don’t end up spending much time pondering. This will be good for my personal growth.
  5. A hobby. I’ve been looking for one for quite sometime. Not that I haven’t had any, but I tend to get busy and they fall by the wayside. This one begs to have attention paid to it.

Now that I’ve explored the why let’s go into the who. My name’s Dave. I’m a baby boomer by all accounting’s, but just barely. The youngest of the boomers. Truthfully I feel too young to be in that generation but that’s where I am. Too young to be aware of the Kennedy assassination but old enough to remember seeing remembrances on the nightly news a few years later. Old enough to remember firsthand the live broadcasts of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon. Too young to receive GI Bill benefits when I joined the Navy, too old to receive the New GI Bill benefits (yah, that’s a bummer – but the bigger bummer is that I’ll be at the tail end of the boomers that’ll get zip for social security before whatever new program kicks in).

I have found that as I’ve gotten older many of the things I disliked greatly are now some of the things I like the most. History and the outdoors are just two of them. I still hate tomatoes and like all other foods (OK, except for sushi). I like to do things well and be recognized for it but generally prefer to take a back seat when it comes to praise and stay out of the limelight.

I am deeply religious but don’t want to offend so it’s not a topic I generally bring up in some environments. Politically I have strong conservative views but also allow that my dogmatism may not be the only way to solve social, economic and moral questions. I enjoy the pursuit of exploring these areas to assist me in refining my personal views. Will my views change? Very doubtful, they have been through fire, but I am open to exploration.

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