Spent a wonderful day in Talkeetna!
This is one of our favorite destinations in Alaska.  Talkeetna is about a 1hr 20min drive from our cozy cabin on Jade Lake in the Big Lake community of Alaska….  A plug for our cozy vacation rental cabin.
Really it was great weather all day and for a moment we had a fantastic view of Denali, until perpetual clouds moved back in around the mountain.
On another note – we had our water tested on the way out of town and A-1, better than bottled water!  A good report and for a change didn’t cost a dime..
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Rain and shine.  Today was glorious in both the rain and shine.  Beautiful 70’s and sunshine, followed by sprinkles then thunder and lightening, followed by glorious sunshine as the cloud cover blows over.  It is 8:20pm right now and the view of Jade Lake is wonderful.  The lake is so smooth it makes a perfect mirror.
I spent today painting a bathroom, working with guy on water conditioning system and misc repairs.
On and off during the day I stopped to read another chapter in my book, then back to work at a lazy pace.
It is now 11:25pm ADT (Alaska Daylight Time), just a few short days before the longest day of the year (June 20th), and I had to step out on the porch to give my readers the reason I get several extra hours per day to get work done.
In the photo above you can see mirror-calm Jade Lake in the left photo.  Careful, you might miss most of the lake because of the reflection of the trees on the opposite bank.  Look for the thin line that marks the shore to differentiate.
I then stepped to the other side of the porch to give you an idea of how light it is.  Indoors it is now too dark to read.  The light level will not decrease much…
By the way sunset today is 11:45pm ADT (that’s in 10 minutes) and sunrise is at 4:15am.  I guess that means maximum darkness will be at 2am.  Problem is that by the time dusk sets in it’s time for dawn to begin.
Today is 19hours 27minutes 24seconds long.  If only I could get that much time at home.
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Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there!
Today I put the fixtures back on the shower and we were able to use for the first time in days.  Initially the problem was allowing the septic to drain, then after I pulled the surround apart we needed to wait until this morn for the caulking to set.
Being Father’s Day and all I decided that I wanted a bon fire.  Perfect day to burn all this brush from earlier in the week.  My wonderful wife got the permit and I was ready to go after playing boy scout for a while to get it all going.  In short order I had green brush burned, then I proceeded to pull brush from 3 years ago from the woods where I had drug it for “some day”.  Well that day arrived.  I piled the half-rotted brush from the woods and made a nice smoky fire.  I tried to manage it so there would be no spurious report about a fire and the local FD run down to see where the fire was.
I also spent significant amount of time raking leaves from around the property and burning them as well.
Late in the afternoon, after a wonderful steak & crab dinner + who knows how much else food, I sat on a comfy lawn chair in the driveway looking out at the lake.  It was a perfect day!
70’s and sunshine.  Enough sunshine to be downright hot.
Then towards 7:30pm or so, the clouds rolled in as did some rumblings of thunder and we actually caught one cloud to cloud lightening bolts followed by thunder that last for at least 45 seconds.  Spectacular.  A short while later it was raining at a good clip.  I didn’t think the day could get any better.
Pictures, maybe, to follow.  Sadly no major tree cutting – to move tree line back from cabin.
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I installed a shower surround for most of the day.  Now if only the septic leach field would drain to normal levels and the water conditioner system, that caused the septic issues, were up to par.  Still in a conserve-what-goes-down-the-drain mode.  All this to normalize the septic.  But until the water system is repaired we’re working on mineral encrusted water.
Monday, we should be normalized for “water in”.  I suspect we’ll be in conservation in the “water out” until we leave on Friday.
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Went into Wasilla twice.  Once was an early planned trip for visit family and stop by Home Depot.  This trip saw us leaving our cabin on Jade Lake at 9am and returning home at about 12:30pm.  By about 4pm it became evident that we’d need to make another shopping trip into town.
I was waiting for prep work on the drywall to dry – so it seemed like the best time.
We headed to Wal-Mart, then Fred Meyer, the Home Depot before we found the item we were looking for.  Then straight home.  We were home about 6:30pm and my drywall had not completely dried.
So besides not getting much work done – I was at a standstill during time I would have like to work.
Spent the rest of the day playing cards and watching Battlestar Galactica.
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A long day without many projects.  In fact only one project not even completed.  Today involved installation of tub surround.
I woke up quit sore from yesterdays woodcutting adventure.  It took quit a while to shake the soreness off and now that the evening has worn down I am even more worn out.  Oh well tomorrow is another day.  Finish, I hope!
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Today was a day of manual labor.
I cut a few trees on our lakefront lot to improve the view from the cabin.  Here are the shots.
JadeLake (before).jpg (550x550 pixels)
JadeLake (after).jpg (550x550 pixels)
The difference appears to be minimal but there was enough wood to keep me busy cutting into fireplace logs for the next 2 1/2 hours.
I was pretty tired but the improved view of Jade Lake from our vacation rental in Big Lake, Alaska was remarkable, the pictures do not do it justice.
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Settled down for evening at 8pm. The productive portion of my day began about 10am. But that includes driving time and shopping. I accomplished several smaller tasks today. Feels good to do many (like replacing batteries in 18 various use remotes) tasks but nothing was significant.

The bummer. Septic that was pumped 3 days ago is FULL! Over 1,400 gallons! “Houston we have a problem!”

That explains a saturated leach field. But exactly what is causing over 400 gal/day usage? My initial stab is the water conditioning system. I hope I am right. How long will this take to drain? Not good at all. I made several phone calls and stopped by a septic tank outfit for advice. I think I know what to do but it’s hard when my novice information is pieced together from many sources… some reliable, some expert and some talking to hear themselves talk. (Why do people do that? Do they really think poor advice will endear me to them?)

Anyway, hopefully I weighed, sorted and filtered credible information to inform myself. Fingers crossed.

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