Our Samantha, last to graduate, 1st to celebrate in the typical formalities.

After 4 years of grueling effort the day has arrived!

Congrats grad!

Class of 2013


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My spouse and I are slowly making my way through a book called Total Forgiveness.  For some time we have tried to set aside one night a week just to read to each other.  It doesn’t happen regularly and recently has only happened after great lapses of time.
If you are expecting any part of the above to be a thesis on this post, nope.  It’s only irrelevant back story.  That’s what makes reality TV so appealing right?
Ok, so my point.  In the reading the author makes (what for me is) a profound statement.  He says that “total forgiveness is painful”.  This got my wheels turning.  If it’s something I give and it’s painful, isn’t this what we call sacrifice?  In other words, total forgiveness is sacrifice on my part.  Wow!!  Big thought, huge ramifications.
Food for thought.
If you want more details on the book see My Library and click on the book image.
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Once upon a day nuclear power was the answer to the future.  It could provide a seemingly endless supply of power.  It was relatively cheap over the long run. And it could allow men to stay under water for years at a time – should they desire.

Today I came across my first submarine, commissioned in 1963, decommissioned in 1990, and my home from 1980-1985.

Today her power plant, that technology of tomorrow sits, unable to rest until well after my years have passed.

HanfordSubRxCompPics622.jpg (525x800 pixels)

If you look very closely you’ll see I’ve indicated her waiting place.  Some day she will reach her half-life.

By the way I have no idea how many years ago this photo was taken but this is where the heart of nuclear submarines go when they are no more.  Someday that grave will be covered.

Fair thee well ex-USS James Monroe SSBN 622 as you wait for the future.

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CExplorer5-2.jpg (670x447 pixels)
You don’t need to paint it for me.
You don’t need to wrap it for me.
You DON’T need to borrow the $2,460,000 from me.
Read about the gift you’re thinking of getting me on
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So what’s you really do?

Here is my journal as tasks for each day…

GDE Error: Unable to load requested profile.

Makes me tired to look at it!

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Departures are hard.  Getting back to life will be tough.

I learned a few things about myself.  Well actually these things were reinforced.  But I had some good time in contemplation.  Not nearly as much as I had planned, but still I had some time.

I look forward to reconnecting to life – but some things feel distant and some could honestly stay distant.

I got up at 3am.  Here is my view as I was packing the luggage into the car.  This is Jade Lake at 3:30am!  I think this is the darkest I have seen the night sky while in Alaska.

JadeLake(3_30am).jpg (525x325 pixels)

A very good good-bye… hasta la vista Jade Lake.

My time at our vacation rental in Big Lake, Alaska was spectacular as always.  I worked too much and enjoyed every minute of it.  I loved the LONG days and used every minute of it.  I spent daily time reading my Bible at a more leisurely pace and enjoyed the benefits.

Now time to head to Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport… and life.

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Another day of cleaning… lighter cleaning but it took surprisingly long.

Later afternoon I pulled out the lawn chairs and set them up in the shade of the driveway facing the lake once again.  We sat there 45 minutes or so relaxing and taking in the view of the lake.  How glorious.

Today was downright hot.  Must have been 75 degrees and sitting in the sun was mighty uncomfortable so the shade was a welcome sight.

While enjoying our view my wife spied an eagle soaring overhead.  As we sat enjoying his flight it occurred to us that he was gently spiraling down and that maybe, just maybe her little shih tzu was prey.  This threw my partner into panic.  Once the little guy was safely in her lap surprisingly the eagle stopped circling and flew off.

A personal walk around the lake at about 9:30pm was the blessing of the trip.  I spent the time in praise and prayer.  It was glorious.

Then off to bed, for tomorrow begins at 3am in order to get to Anchorage for my 6:20am flight.

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Today was spent in wrapping up the remaining work items – mostly cleaning and organizing.  There was no small amount of dust inhaled on this day.
IN the evening we went out for dinner.  With no place in particular in mind we stopped at the Roadside Inn.  Quaint, in it’s own way.  They served dinner but the restaurant had just closed.  We sat in the bar area for dinner.  The food was excellent but the bar crowd has a few loud people as these places tend to do.  The loud conversations were not ones we would have preferred to overhear.  In a short amount of time two less loud but inebriated men began to have a part-time conversation with us.  We’d have preferred to dinned “alone” instead of carrying on a semi-conversation from a table away.  At least the dialog was pleasant and friendly.
After we got back to the cabin we watched some more Battlestar Galactica and made it very close to the last episode of the series.  We will likely watch the conclusion on the morning since tomorrow is our last full day at 62 degrees latitude.
Just as we began the last episode of the evening (11pm), I mixed and added the annual septic tank treatment and literally dumped $120 down the drain.
Easy come and easy go.  Another day in paradise.
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