Look closely at the picture.  What do you see?  A pine tree? Hidden treasure? Deep shadows?  A sunny day perhaps?
Just in case you still see an ordinary tree on an ordinary day – look closely, dead center – See the ring just barely visible?  This little bison tube attached to a clothespin contains a log book and that’s it.
This was my 4th find of the 17 I found over a 3½ hour period this past weekend.  That is a personal best.  It helped significantly that all caches were .11 to .12 miles apart on one 2.25 mile stretch of road.
What a glorious day of relaxation.  Put the headphones on, set out early, park at Home Depot and he’s off into a world of music and treasure hunting.
It made the mundane household chores that followed more bearable.  It had been more than a year since I had a time like this…  we all need it more often.
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I did it!  I am ready for a break!  30 caches in 30 days all completed on the 30th.  In truth I could have finished earlier but then what’s the fun?  I like the symmetry of my method.
It was hard play and sometimes in life we need hard play, especially when we’ve had hard work!
Below is a list of the dates, caches and my lifetime geocache finds for the period in question.
  1. Nov 02 ’09 – Indiana Jones and the Secret of Acorn’s Nuts (find # 115)
  2. Nov 03 ’09 – McRonalds 9  (find # 116)
  3. Nov 03 ’09 – Billy Joe Bob’s Bait and Tackle  (find # 117)
  4. Nov 06 ’09 – Hanging Around In the Park – Part 4  (find # 118)
  5. Nov 07 ’09 – More Mountain House  (find # 119)
  6. Nov 07 ’09 – Take a Hike Take a Bike  (find # 120)
  7. Nov 07 ’09 – Stranded in Mountain House  (find # 121)
  8. Nov 07 ’09 – Clifton’s Court quad  (find # 122)
  9. Nov 09 ’09 – 3 goats & the troll  (find # 123)
  10. Nov 11 ’09 – CFB #1  (find # 124)
  11. Nov 18 ’09 – Soy Vey!!  (find # 125)
  12. Nov 19 ’09 – Payne Family Cache  (find # 126)
  13. Nov 20 ’09 – Lone Cone  (find # 127)
  14. Nov 20 ’09 – Nuttin’ Honey  (find # 128)
  15. Nov 20 ’09 – Bal-Mart  (find # 129)
  16. Nov 23 ’09 – Just Around the Corner  (find # 130)
  17. Nov 24 ’09 – A Rocky Start  (find # 131)
  18. Nov 24 ’09 – Guido’s Shameless Plug  (find # 132)
  19. Nov 24 ’09 – High Tech Easter Egg Hunt  (find # 133)
  20. Nov 24 ’09 – Ultimate Spiderman #9  (find # 134)
  21. Nov 24 ’09 – Spring Scooby #1  (find # 135)
  22. Nov 25 ’09 – Loan-ly Oak  (find # 136)
  23. Nov 25 ’09 – Whitewashed at Blue Ravine  (find # 137)
  24. Nov 25 ’09 – ‘M’ Easter Bunny on Blue Ravine  (find # 138)
  25. Nov 26 ’09 – Chirp! Chirp!  (find # 139)
  26. Nov 26 ’09 – Elverta’s New End  (find # 140)
  27. Nov 27 ’09 – Midway Water Works  (find # 141)
  28. Nov 27 ’09 – Tracy Triangle #3  (find # 142)
  29. Nov 27 ’09 – Tracy Triangle #4  (find # 143)
  30. Nov 30 ’09 – Pot O’ Gold  (find # 144)
I know it’s not Guinness Book material but it’s big for me.
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Ok, yesterday’s blog entry got me thinking.  If I can do 23 in a 30 day period ending on the 23rd, I must be able to do 30 in 30 on the 30th.
Well, I did the math, not as easy as I might have thought.  Today I found 3 more caches near work (almost 4) and figured that’s 26 total all I need is 4 more in the next 6 days and I’ll have 30 in 30 on the 30th.  Not true.  Since this is a rolling 30 days and I look back 30 days from Nov 30th it is Oct 31st.  Now my total is 19 for the 30 day period.  I will need to do 11 more caches between today and end of day on the 30th.  That’s quite a bit number, especially since I will not be able to cache each of those days.
So I sit here contemplate whether to go for broke and hit 11 more for a new personal best or not.
I need to see if I can challenge my fellow geo-co-worker.  Maybe a little competition will do the soul good.  Afterall, I do have a long weekend.
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Today is the 23rd day of the month.  Today is also the day I have achieved a record number of geocache finds in one 30 day period.  As of today I have found 23 caches in 30 days.
Did I set out to do this?  Nope.  In fact I had not even realized it happened until I checked my status on
I have to admit I did step up my efforts before the non-caching friendly weather begins in earnest and this aided in this great feat.
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The last two days have fared well in the quest for hidden treasure.
Two days, two caches per day!
It’s great to be me!

When are we gonna get there? I’m hungry. This car smells weird.
Riley Poole, National Treasure (2004)

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1,976 days after my first find I discovered (with another set of eyes) my 100th Geocache! Hurray. I guess that’s an average of 1 every 19.76 days. Boy is that average misleading. There have been years between caches.

Forward, on and a personal goal of 9 days between caches for the next 100!

Hurray for me!

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Today I needed a slight diversion from work. It was one of those days where I realized I was sitting there staring at the computer screen watching the progress bar slowly crawl across the screen. I’ve got five other applications open at the same time and was trying to do what little I could on each. It was not too long before I realized that I was staring at the screen for almost 10 minutes waiting for some application to respond so I could do just a little sliver of work.

Somewhere inside my mind something clicked and said, “Wouldn’t this be a good time for a twenty minute break, if I’m lucky I will have access to my computer by then?” I pulled up the website, found a cache less then 500 feet from my desk and set out.

It took longer than expected to find a tube about 2½” long by ½” diameter. When I went out I had no idea what shape or size I was looking for but it did not take long to deduce that it must be pretty small. Eventually, I figured out to pick up a partial brick, which was quite out of place. The brick had a small hole drilled to exactly the size of the bison tube.

I certainly love caches so well camouflaged because it gives me a mental workout, but on the other had I’m not sure why it takes so long to figure it out. It helped that the cache name was “A Rock of a Different Color.” You certainly can’t give too much more away without handing it to someone.

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve picked up my GPS.

Well I pulled it out this last weekend and uncovered 3 caches within easy walking distance from our house. A few years ago there were two within 3 miles of our house.

Look at the map below…
Geocaches local to Big Lake, AK  99652

1½ years ago there was one other cache within 20 miles of Big Lake. (circled area is Big Lake, Alaska.)

Now we’re looking at more than 64. You see this brother-in-law! Wohoo! More RV off-roading! (well maybe we can find an older RV again)

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