Last week I speculated that I was generally unhappy with Lost and it’s series wrap-up.  With only ONE more episode left (2½ hours!) I may have spoken too soon.  We’ll see.
I was pleased with last nights episode.  It was what I have come to expect – by giving me something I couldn’t expect; something compelling and interesting.
Four days and counting.
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Lost.  Deep down I hope I’m not the one that lost something here.  I mean there are 3½ hours of air time (including significant commercial interruption) and, until this season, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what comes next.  Sure there were up and down episodes over the seasons, but without a doubt, this season is not equal to it’s predecessors.  I hope I am wrong.
The following Lost blog, which I have monitored closely over the last several years pretty sums up my feeling about this weeks episode.

I understand why this episode was produced. It’s half origin story and half mythological brain dump. And there were some interesting bits, no doubt there. But let me sum my opinion up this way: If “Lost” had focused on Jacob, MIB and their wacky “Mother” from the very beginning, I never would have watched this show. I just don’t care about these characters and their deep psychological scars. For six years we’ve watched a fantastic ensemble of great actors playing great characters battling with their own Big Problems. The Jacob-MIB-Mother trio felt like window dressing. And is it just me, or was the acting a little meh?

That said, I’ll give the writers credit for revealing Jacob to be the island’s Norman Bates. Discovering that for many years he was a naive and gullible pawn in his crazy adopted mother’s machinations … well, that just wasn’t expected.

Please give me the brilliant writing that I have learned to expect over the past 5 years (I came to the island late).  Please do not disappoint with one of those endings that answer your questions but leaves you saying “that was lame.”  Please tell me I am wrong.
In the words of Captain John Miller (Saving Private Ryan), “Earn it.”
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Last night as I watched one of those television shows I’d grown up with I was prompted to jump on the Internet and do a little research.  Instant access to information of all kinds is a blessing and a curse.  But last night it was a blessing.
In episode 1 of season 2 of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea the diving bell was swallowed whole by a whale.  A very fast, very big whale.  I for one appreciate the sensational, over the top shows Irwin Allen prolifically produced in the ’60’s.  Allen wanted Voyage to be riddled with science and last night was no exception.  In the “belly of the whale” dying words discussion between Admiral Nelson and his guest in the diving bell, Nelson mentioned the story of a late 19th century sailor swallowed by a whale.
James Bartley was that man.  See a synopsis of the story below:

…A whale was sighted, the harpoon boats were launched, and the whale was successfully speared.  In the violence that followed, however, one of the smaller boats capsized, throwing two crew members into the sea.  One of them drowned and the other, said to be a man named James Bartley, disappeared.

The whale was eventually subdued and its carcass hoisted onto the ship where the crew started carving it up for blubber.  After a couple of days of work, they got down to the stomach, where some workers noticed something large inside, ‘doubled up’, and showing signs of life.
They cut the stomach open and there lay James Bartley, unconscious and somewhat digested, but alive.  They doused him with sea water, put him in the captain’s cabin and after a couple of weeks of recovery, he was back on the job.

Truth or Fiction.com

A fantastic story, yes.  A bit fanciful, maybe.  But don’t you love it when the writers incorporate a bit of mythos in with fact to increase the believability?  Where it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction is where new fiction can begin.
When these story elements I find it easier to ignore fishing line pulling submarines thru their diving maneuvers or fantastic stories of men in scuba gear swimming into the mouth of a whale and journeying to it’s stomach  to find their diving bell.
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It’s time for the self-confidence to come crashing to an end.  For 5 seasons I have developed and formulated theories.  Most have not panned out but I could at least develop and test my theory each week.  This final season I am at a loss to do anything of the kind.  I simply cannot postulate a coherent theory about what I am seeing on or off island.
Flashbacks and flashforwards were fine but how in the world do I reconcile flashsideways, in alternate timelines that don’t fit the pieces I know to be true… or do I know that?
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Short-lived as the series was, it made it’s mark on my imagination. I remember that 2 hour made-for-TV movie in January 1979. I remember feeling that I would not for anything give up my dream of going to the moon… and Harry did.

As I slowly work my way through the 19 episodes I am brought back to that Saturday evening January 20, 1979 when “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island” were replaced with the dream of a junkman.

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I had almost forgotten this classic. This is their first motion picture in which this routine was used.

I still don’t know who’s on first?

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So if Dead is Dead, is John Locke smokey?

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By my count John Locke has been killed by Benjamin Linus twice now. In “The Man Behind the Curtain” (Season 3 episode 20) and in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” (Season 5 episide 7) we see Ben in all his glory. As it turns out there’s room for a third time – or maybe the tables will turn before this is all over.

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