Not Steven Spielberg or J.J. Abrams, but then I don’t claim to be.

Anyway, a different way to have fun with your spouse.

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I have a hankering to create a Family Feud style game and need to know what what you think.

Below is a 10 question survey (more to follow). All results are anonymous.

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I just found out that one of my choice TV series has been released to DVD!  I have waited years for this.  5 seasons &  6 movies (3 pre-series and 3 post-series) and all in one set!
If only the set did not cost half of what the man cost!  It’ll take a while to save for this one.  I guess for 5 seasons that’s only $35/season and about $12/movie – the going rate.  But when it’s all bundled like that the price tag is pretty big.
I guess for now I’ll need to feed off YouTube videos like this.  Do you realize how much of pop culture was influenced by this series?  Think about that little AOL guy.  How many times have you heard the theme “We can rebuild him…” repeated and parodied?
It’s not that the show was particularly riddled with sci-fi special effects, it was not.  It wasn’t even particularly believable at the time.  I mean because you have two bionic legs and a bionic arm does that mean you can stand on level ground with no foothold and hold a helicopter down?  The faster Steve ran, the slower things got.  Not the flash-on-the-screen-what-happened of many of today’s action flicks.  No, it was more the slo-mo of Matrix designed to relish each moment.  Steve and Bigfoot, who’d have ever thought they’d be buddies on the same side?  Then there’s the bionic love affair, the bionic dog, the bionic villian.
Will my kids enjoy it?  Not likely.  But there’ll not know what there’re missing out on.
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If you have progressed from the traditional oven baked turkey, to the BBQ turkey, to the deep-fried turkey, and are ready to move on, here’s a new one for you.  Drop cooking your turkey.
OK, below is my summary.  You can view the full, condensed version with circles and arrows and fancy physics symbols at Wired.com.

How high would you have to drop a frozen turkey so that it is cooked when it lands?

First, some assumptions.
  • The turkey is made of water and starts off as ice at 32 degrees F.
  • The turkey is a sphere with a radius of 15 cm. (or generically, I will call it r)
  • When the turkey falls through the atmosphere, half of the energy dissipated goes into the turkey and half goes into the atmosphere.
  • I am going to ignore the increase in thermal energy when the turkey hits the ground. Just because.
  • A turkey is ready if it is at 180 degrees F
Skipping past all the physics, bottom-line is that you’d need to drop your turkey from about 45 miles above the Earth.  Is that for a stuffed or unstuffed turkey?
This has yet to be run past the FDA for proper food safety so cook at your own risk.
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In my May 25th post, End of an Era, I stated that I was mulling whether 6 years culminated in a feeling of being full.  I also expressed a few obvious questions.
Several of my questions were answered in the form of ‘bonus material’ on the season 6 DVD’s.  Kudos for a well thought out answer to why Dharma shipments were still being dropped decades after no communication with The Island.  Still, am I to believe that the ‘men in the know’ on the Dharma Initiative ALL lived on the island and thus ALL were killed in The Purge?
I now know more about the HurleyBird, I now know why Dr. Pierre Chang, aka Dr. Marvin Candle, aka Dr Mark Wickmund, aka Dr. Edgar Halliwax or Miles’ father had various names.
But there is still so much more unanswered.  ’The End’ as the final episode was titled did not wrap anything up.  Gathering the losties for a final episode is not my idea of conclusion.  Therefore I have decided that 6 seasons – no matter how engaged I was in spouting Lost mythos to all those around me – was not well spent.
I sincerely expected a real conclusion from such excellent writers.  The crash survivors might just as well have each awakened the morning of the flight and each had a premonition of what might be.  They all cancel their flight plans and life goes on.
So, after 112 days of deliberation, I have decided that the number 108 has only minor significance.
Signing off with…
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Dave Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, theorizes that “casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble.”  - Wired News

I had never considered a psychology to carpet patterns in casinos, but there may be something to this.

Check out Chris Maluszynski’s Las Vegas carpet collection and see what you think.

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What have I been up to in my spare time for the last 1½?  Bonding with my teenage daughter.
Surprisingly she wanted to watch an almost 35 year old classic.
Rocky.  You have to understand that when I talk of watching a movie made before the mid-90’s both of my teenage daughters look at me like I’m a dinosaur; as if they are in wonderment about whether filmography could have even existed in such an ancient era.
Of course watching Rocky lead to viewing the entire series of films spanning 30 years.  We have both thoroughly enjoyed Rocky thru Rocky V (she learned what Roman numeral IV stands for).  We have yet to make it to Rocky Balboa, the 6th in the Rocky franchise.  Maybe we’ll squeeze it in this week, maybe not.
Regardless, even with the relative simplicity of the movie as compared to similar in the same genre, it was endearing with more wholesome values than most fare out there.
Rocky (1976)
Rocky II (1979)
Rocky III (1982)
Rocky IV (1985)
Rocky V (1990)
Rocky Balboa (2006)
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Lost is done.  My first impressions after two days of mulling… not sure.
The brilliant writers of an awesome TV show did their best.  And they succeeded in a beautiful symmetry in the series.  Obviously (based on the series conclusion) the focus of the series was the characters understanding their interdependency.  This was handled well.  I have no complaints here.
I never watched the show for the characters.  The characters moved the story but I watched for the story-telling.  The story behind the characters is lukewarm in its conclusion.  Lukewarm because it is incomplete.  At this point too many “red herrings” were presented and never closed.  This is the point in which I am unsure.  Due to the brilliance of the writers these story elements could have been addressed and I simply missed them.  This is what I hope as I ponder the past 4½ years (I was pulled into the story half way through the 2nd season).
Here is a list of issues that were major enough red herrings as to require an answer:
    • The “numbers” were significant, at least to Dharma – why would Dharma broadcast via radio transmission
    • Going back a step – the radio signals were broadcast earlier than Dharma (70’s), again WHY would someone broadcast these numbers
    • If Jacob did not allow anyone to leave the island – why leave a loophole wherein, Dharma, Michael & Walt or even Ben could leave?
    • Ben has been to Tunisia and elsewhere by previous turning of the Donkey Wheel, as can be noted by various passports and currencies.  1) How did he get back to the island, 2) why when he turned the wheel did the island not go wonky in time like when John turned the wheel
    • When the island disappeared where did it go.  If it simple went to another time, then theoretically it went to the future in which it was sunk – but then it never sunk.
    • Why did Dr, Chang keep changing his name?
    • Did the man in black (MIB) take the form of black horses?
    • How did the drug running plane get to the island from Africa?
    • Was Hurley’s friend Dave really in Hurley’s mind?
More to be added to this list as this is a quick recap of 6 years in my head.  And please notice I am not asking why Dharma is still dropping shipments years after they have had no contact with the island… and who is Dharma anyway?
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