Why is there is a tendency to pull away from when inner struggles become too great?  Why is it that one finds themselves alienated from the very people that they need the most?
To oversimplify it seems that this struggle comes from one of two sources, shame or guilt.  I don’t want others to see this mess inside me or I can’t let others know that I have wronged.
Pulling away.  Now that’s interesting.  To oversimplify once again pulling away can look like introversion or extroversion.  I’m crawling into my own world and not letting you in or I’m going to do things to you where YOU pull away from me – an neat little trick since it makes it YOUR fault for distancing.
All too often what we need are other people that can look us in the face and be honest but we won’t let them get close.  We won’t let them speak the truth, we won’t even let them console us and be there in silence.
We pull away perpetrating the isolation.
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