Today is Columbus Day, at least by our current reckoning.  In all actuality Columbus landed in the New World on October 21, 1492.  In the Julian to Gregorian calendar shift of the 16th century October 21st became October 12th to drop 10 days and re-sync the calendar to the correct season.
Maybe it’s all this confusion that has created apathy in what was a few decades ago a standard state and federal holiday.  Today it’s relegated to a reason for bankers to take a day off because they are so overworked since the advent of ATM’s.
What in the world does all this have to do with the heart?  I’m glad I asked that.  Just as so few are even aware that this day has any special significance, an apparently equal number are oblivious to the condition of the heart.
The heart.  That’s an expression that has changed over the centuries.  At one time when one spoke of their deepest feelings the phrase was more like “the gut” or “the bowels.”  Bottom-line it is a way of identifying the difference between head thinking and something more from the soul or essence of a person.  It’s the “us,” the real “us.”
Ever notice that “the heart” is taken for granted in our society?  I ask how someone is their doing and I get “fine.”  I don’t really care, I don’t really want to hear.  Or do I?
That’s the risk.  I share my soul with you and what will you do with it?  Will you hurt me with it?  Will you reject me and go about your business?  Or do you really care?  What has life become when the heart is relegated to the status of a holiday that celebrates an event that occurred 517 years ago?
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