With all the efforts to engineer a worldwide panic you’d think the climate would assist those jumping up and down.

USA Today today reports:

July’s climate: Chilly USA
Mother Nature has thrown [global warming proponets] yet another curve: July 2009 was officially the coldest July on record in six U.S. states, according to the National Climatic Data Center. Specifically, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Not one of the coldest, mind you, but the absolute, rock-bottom, chilliest on record. Records go back to 1895.

Meanwhile, four others – Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri and Kentucky — had their 2nd-coldest July ever recorded.

Now I could stop there but to be fair the article does state that other areas of the globe recorded record highs. I hate when partial data is used to promote a point so I had to put that in.

Now that I’ve stirred the pot, I’ll ask the question I always ask with this global warming data. Are we in a natural climate cycle or is mankind really creating long term impact?

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