Today I read an article by a (former) mega-church pastor who voluntarily stepped down from leading the church he founded to follow God’s call.

That sentence alone gives him credibility in my eyes.  I have watched many of his videos, seen him at conference and led a group through one of his books just this last year.  His teaching is consistent with his life.  His teaching is consistent with the Bible.

Recently he spoke to a group of pastors and said, “I’m seeing a lot of ritual, a lot of faithfulness over the years but I’m concerned that there’s not this desperate like cry like ‘God, I feel like walk into service and I feel it’s so dead. God I got to have your power, I got to have your presence and maybe I substituted that for just going through the service order another weekend‘”

He questioned “How many times do we have services and events where we quote Him, will say things about Him, but is He really behind it? Is He the one really moving through a person and saying these things or are we just standing up here representing Him and we’re harmless, we’ll quote Him, we’ll say good things but is He the power behind it?”

“We are content to hear from another speaker, or podcast another guy or read another book when the scriptures teaches I can literally walk up that mountain, I can come in the presence of Him, I actually see His glory but we’re just content taking selfies with Moses and writing about it.”

If only more could grasp the message.  It’s not about social reform, it’s not how big we could grow, it’s not about comfort, it’s about the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.  Without Him my next breath will not happen.  Without Him I have no assurance that after this short life ends there’s a lot more, a lot more and forever…

Thank you Francis for spreading the Good News!

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