I am not what anyone would say is a cutting edge adopter of new technology and software, certainly not at the bleeding edge.

The year is 2014.  This year I have been privledged to witness Microsoft telling me my Windows XP was beyond support and I am still embracing this O/S at my place of employment Although this is not self-imposed, I am OK with the technological lag.  My preference for the last year would be for Windows 7.  But its not my call and I do not feel like a dinosaur on XP, therefore I am content to wait until my IT depoartment upgrades me from the 8+ year old Dell laptop I have had to

Thats the point of this post.  New laptops are being shipped with Windows 8.  This operating system makes me less than happy.

Let me back up 3 months.

As happens at regular intervals, the sun makes an entire revolution around the sun and its said Dave is a little older.  Not since the days of my x268 based laptop have I had a laptop that was purchased for personal use.  (For some of my readers that was several presidents ago and it was prior to the widespread use of Windows as an operating system.)  Said laptop has, among other bells and whistles, Windows 8.  I think after 3 months of regular usage I can say it is a stinking dinosaur thats dead and doesnt even know it.  What were you thinking MS?  How convoluted can you make an operating system?  It is apparent you desire to expand your market share into the burgeoning tablet market, but come on why do we PC users have to suffer through your failed attempt?  Yes, failure is already a foregone conclusion because youve got to be innovative to survive against your tablet competition.

Now heres the kicker.  Due to circumstances beyond my control I was required (hurray!) to upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2010 by my IT department.  Hey its 2014 and I am finally moving up to Office 2010 (vs. 2013) but thats huge for me!  I am a fairly heavy Word, Excel & Outlook user and guess what?  I am loving the upgrade and saying where were you all my life?

So when Office is clearly an improvement in simplicity and sophistication at the same time, why has Windows gone back to the dark ages?  Riddle me this lumbering giant in Redmond.

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