Is glass a liquid or a solid?
That’s my question of the day for me.  I am unable to say how my mind fell into that sinkhole, but here I am.
Since my school days I was taught (and believed) glass to be a very slow moving liquid.  Proof – look at very old windows.  As an adult I have continued to test this theory when I have run across some old, long deserted cabin.  In nearly every case the window panes were distorted.  Validated!
Today, once again the validity of my accepted answer was for some reason up for challenge.  As I said I have no idea what prompted this quest, but proceed I must.
Oh, what you can find on the Internet,  true, false and otherwise.
The answer which I now accept is that glass in it’s “every day” form is neither a liquid nor a solid.  It has properties of both and is neither.
Will it flow over time?  Well, yes, molecular mathematics seems to indicate that at some age, somewhere approaching the age of the universe, glass will indeed have flowed to the extent to be discernibly warped.  Maybe I’ve been beguiled by some mathematical, chemistrical trickery but for now I’m buying it.
So what causes the thicker glass at the bottom of those medieval churches or the warping on those old cabins or the warping on the back window of my Honda Civic?  Something in the manufacture, difference glasses have different properties but none are super-cooled liquids in their everyday state.
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