Oh wait, back that up, it was repealed 80 years ago.
Today being the anniversary of the beginning of Prohibition in the United States, I decided to read up a little bit on this knee-jerk reaction.  Here are some facts which I, your editor, find interesting.
  • The Tolerance Movement, which had it’s roots 100 years before Prohibition, was finally enacted as federal law in 1920
  • Although overall alcohol consumption did go down – organized crime went up
  • It was never illegal to drink, only to sell, manufacture and transport alcohol
  • Hard liquor consumption was higher per person in 1830 than in 2010 (1.7 bottles/week)
  • The Temperance Movement was spearheaded by women during the same time they were gaining more political influence
  • The repeal of prohibition was started by a wealthy Republican woman, Pauline Sabin, who said that prohibition should be repealed because it made the US a nation of hypocrites and undermined its respect for the rule of law
Prescription for whiskey – dated 1924
Prescription for Whiskey1924.jpg (112.0KB; 750x501 pixels)
…and for your viewing pleasure I have also included an early prescription for medical marijuana – times don’t change a whole lot.
Prescription for cannabis – dated 1936Prescription for Canibis1936.jpg (36.5KB; 599x422 pixels)
To be clear, I AM NOT advocating current trends toward legalizing more intoxicating substances.
However, some things such as morality and that which entices us toward that downward spiral (such as substance abuse) in life are slippery slopes when it comes toward legislating them.
In my opinion true change needs to come from the inside – that should be the focal point.  Sure, we need to place boundaries, but at some point ever-tightening of boundaries does nothing more than force “external” compliance – at least when others are watching.  A tightrope for sure.
But then again isn’t the balanced, middle-road always harder than one extreme or the other?
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