Recently my spouse and I decided there’s got to be something better than “the tube” day in and day out.
In the process of trying to find common interests over the course of the last several months, we discovered an interest that would suit both of our diverse personalities AND get us out of the house into the big, big world.
It also lends itself to another common interest – exploring.  The first few excursions have been “nice” but lackluster.  In evaluating where we may have gone wrong it occurred to me that what was missing was focus.
Listed below is the beginnings of a list of “assignments” we’ll give ourselves before embarking on the adventure.  The idea is to choose one, discuss where we might go to fulfill the assignment, then head out the door.
Can you guess the interest based upon the assignment topics?
    • Life in motion
    • I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree
    • Every home has a story
    • The psyche of animals
    • Up close and personal
    • Silence in a crowd
    • Captured light
    • Unhidden shadows
    • Architectural tales
    • A story frozen in time
    • Life in panorama
    • Explorations of color
    • Framed
    • A tale of lines, patterns & textures
    • A life’s story
    • The work of water
    • Arrested motion
    • Personality of a vehicle
    • Near and far
    • Up and down
    • The delight of food
    • Follow the leader
    • Unexpected color
    • Compare and contrast
    • Captured
    • Biggest and smallest
    • Self portrait
    • Passivity
    • Lonely places
    The joint activity is…  photography. ..and maybe a picnic or two …and walking the dog along the way.
    If you got more to add, we’re always open.  Post me a comment so I can add to my list.
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