I recently watched the entire Cosmos series and was intrigued by Carl Sagan’s statement that there is not enough space in the universe to represent a googolplex in long form.
Here are some stats I lifted from Wikipedia:
*throughout this article 10 raised to the power of 10 is represented as 10^10.
1 googolplex = 10^(10^100)
Fact 1
An average book of 60 cubic inches can be printed with 5×10^5 zeroes (5 characters per word, 10 words per line, 25 lines per page, 400 pages), or 8.3×10^3 zeros per cubic inch.  The observable universe contains 6×10^83 cubic inches. This math implies that if the universe is stuffed with paper printed with 0s, it could contain only 5.3×10^87 zeros—far short of a googol of zeros.
Fact 2
There are only about 2.5×10^89 elementary particles in the observable universe, so even if one were to use an elementary particle to represent each digit, one would run out of particles well before reaching a googol of digits.
Fact 3
Consider printing the digits of a googolplex in unreadable, one-point font (0.353 mm per digit). It would take about 3.5×10^96 metres to write a googolplex in one-point font. The observable universe is estimated to be 8.80×10^26 meters, or 93 billion light-years, in diameter, so the distance required to write the necessary zeroes is 4.0×10^69 times as long as the estimated universe.
Fact 4
The time it would take to write such a number also renders the task implausible: if a person can write two digits per second, it would take around about 1.51×10^92 years, which is about 1.1×10^82 times the age of the universe, to write a googolplex.

Dave’s Trump Card
I have a number bigger than that!  Googolplex+1, so there!
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