My new medical insurance has these impossible to find surveys so I can earn credits toward my health deductible.  That explains the hard to find part.  But what about the “rules” for some of these acitivities?
I quote:
MyHealth Coach
Activity Rules
You may receive credit for this activity only if you are a Dependent or Spouse or Employee.
You may receive credit for this activity only if you are a Female or Male.
Let’s take the first rule.  This is a secure website.  I can’t even view my spouses information – even though I am the one with the plan which covers her – it’s MY plan, it’s MY coverage.  That is territory I don’t even want me to delve into in this post!
So, back to the secure website.  I log in as me.  My wife logs in as her.  Tell me, who else is logging in, someone must enter plan and group numbers + social security number and all that must be in the database before the website will allow account creation?  So I am not a dependent, the spouse or the employee, who am I and how did I get logged into their database?
Rule number two.  This speaks for itself.  Who wrote this?  ”You may only complete this activity if you are Female or Male?”
I’m neither, I’m a single-celled organism which divides every 8 minutes and somehow I logged onto your website to get credit for my medical coverage deductions.  Fortunately I can find your hidden links to complete the activities but even with that advanced intelligence you’re going to stop me cold simply because I don’t meet your sexist standards.
Healthcare in the country does not need overhaul.
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