Another day of cleaning… lighter cleaning but it took surprisingly long.

Later afternoon I pulled out the lawn chairs and set them up in the shade of the driveway facing the lake once again.  We sat there 45 minutes or so relaxing and taking in the view of the lake.  How glorious.

Today was downright hot.  Must have been 75 degrees and sitting in the sun was mighty uncomfortable so the shade was a welcome sight.

While enjoying our view my wife spied an eagle soaring overhead.  As we sat enjoying his flight it occurred to us that he was gently spiraling down and that maybe, just maybe her little shih tzu was prey.  This threw my partner into panic.  Once the little guy was safely in her lap surprisingly the eagle stopped circling and flew off.

A personal walk around the lake at about 9:30pm was the blessing of the trip.  I spent the time in praise and prayer.  It was glorious.

Then off to bed, for tomorrow begins at 3am in order to get to Anchorage for my 6:20am flight.

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