In this series I will wanderingly explore the concepts behind what defines the quality of a marriage. How can a marriage be objectively evaluated? And even more importantly what can be done to grow it toward excellence?

The Face of Sizzle
This post has been a long time in coming. For me to make a rash statement that marriage should be in a constant “state of sizzle” would be ludicrous. A statement like that would fly contrary to the ups and downs of being human. Or would it?

What about this “constant state of unrest” I referred to in my self-appointed definition of sizzle? How can sizzle be present when I’m beaten up by life?

Let me say that sizzle is more than an individual component. Sizzle is not about me; sizzle is about we. In a relationship of a man and a woman, sizzle is what is going on between them. Sizzle is the emotional connection above and outside of each person.

The face of sizzle does not look like extra-spicy salsa, at least not all the time. Sizzle, however, is that emotional connection between two that carries the couple forward TOGETHER during those tough times and during the better times it carries them into a mild, medium and spicy intimacy.

What in the world am I saying? I believe sizzle is a factor that IS CONTINUOUS in a relationship. It may not appear the same in all times but it is ever-present and recognizable. When it’s there you know it. You both know it.

When observed from the outside it looks very much like two people connected by a bond that is ever-stronger, never satisfied with the ho-hum and indeed calls for more. It is a constant reminder that things are always looking up as long as it exists.

Practically it is two working together, enjoying each other even when they do not enjoy the life-situation at the moment.

Sizzle rocks!

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