In this series I will wanderingly explore the concepts behind what defines the quality of a marriage.  How can a marriage be objectively evaluated? And even more importantly what can be done to grow it toward excellence?

Watch this flashback from 80’s television.
Sizzle or Sizzle-Lean?  Which do I want in my marriage?  Do I want that cholesterol-rich, ticking time bomb, F – A – T, or would “real meat” hit the spot?
What is “real meat” anyway?  Let’s digress for a minor history lesson…
  • On Monday, July 22, 1974, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for SIZZLEAN by Swift & Company, Chicago, IL 60604.  The SIZZLEAN trademark is filed in the category of Meats and Processed Food Products under serial number 73027487. The description provided for SIZZLEAN is CURED, CHOPPED AND FORMED PORK BREAKFAST STRIPS.
  • Though the product contained much less fat than bacon, it was still 37% fat by weight, causing complaints that the “lean” name was not accurate.
  • One connoisseur says, “It tasted like salty play-dough mixed with SPAM.”
  • Another shares his fun fact: “Everyone in the above video is dead now because Sizzlean was made of 90% asbestos and 10% horse manure.”
Real bacon needs to sizzle.  A marriage needs sizzle.
My premise for this series is that sizzle is the barometer of quality.  Without the sizzle it may look like bacon, it may smell like bacon, it may even be a little less mess – but it’s not the real thing.  To adapt the quote of a fan of real bacon, “A marriage without sizzle is like Play-Doh mixed with Spam.”
The significant majority have settled-in and become complacent with a marriage that at best is “leaner” than the sizzle of that first love.  The offense is that the majority of this majority believe that’s the best it can be.  The lie has been accepted for so long it has now become “fact”.
Explore with me.  Offer your insights and wisdom.  Share your struggles.  Let’s see if we can bust this myth wide open.
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