The title of this post is not referring to you all, my loyal readers, all two of you.  No, it’s referring to the cogs in the wheels that make our society run. reports: Fed Propose Limits for In-Car Dialing, Texting, Surfing [February 16, 2012 @ 8:19pm]
Just so that I am on the record once again. THEY MISSED THE POINT!  A recent accident determined that the cause was related to distracted driving.  Not distraction caused by dialing the phone, not distraction caused by texting, web surfing or even eating a taco.  The “distraction” was talking on the phone!  I’ve said this for more than a decade!
The feds and automakers are scrambling to deal with side issues.  Why can no body listen?  The problem is not with activity, the problem lies in the mental processing of the brain when having a conversation with someone who is not present.  The brain is spending extra processing time, maybe figuring our all the non-verbal cues that can’t be seen, maybe not.  The PRIMARY distraction is not what is being targeting.
Are we all so tied to our phones that we can’t simply say – it’s not safe to carry on a phone conversation and drive?
Now where’s my $350,000 grant?  You know someone with “credentials” will spend years and exorbitant dollars to come to my conclusion.  I wonder if I can patent a psychological analysis?
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