Relationships are easy as long the the other person adapts to my way of thinking.
But what if…
What if my spouse sees things a little differently?
What if my spouse insists I am the one who needs a “rethink”?
What if my spouse has baggage or other reasons to believe they may be led into a painful situation?
What is I’m just being stubborn and insisting on my way because I am the one that doesn’t want to step out of my comfort zone?
Can I really know I am NOT THE ONE being unreasonable?  Can I really be sure I don’t need to re-assess my position?  Can I really stand firm on the fact that my own baggage is not influencing my viewpoint?
Why is it that we tend to want the other to change first – then we’ll follow?  No matter whether our basic personality is aggressive or passive in dealing with life, in the end don’t we tend to give less than 100% until we see “good faith?”
Does self-preservation (that’s what I’ll call it) really accomplish what our heart really desires?  Or does it simply protect us from something, giving nothing in return?
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