Q: Why is it that a “serious” talk between a couple near bedtime usually results in frustration and inadequate sleep?
A: Because it’s not focused on resolution.
The answer may be overly simplistic but I tried to take into account that other garbage often gets dragged in as well as attitudes of rightness.
Yesterdays post was based upon an understanding of something that was going on a few days prior.  Nothing huge, but a problem nonetheless.  We knew we’d need to revisit the triggering event and dissect it.  After several days talking about making such a time and both with an attitude of let’s-understand-this-so-we-can-put-it-behind-us we found the opportunity.  Unfortunately we were forced to violate every rule for such a discussion because the only foreseeable timeframe would be prior to retiring.
The conversation was pleasant and mutually agreeable.  Even though it is not complete it promoted a healthier sleep than expected.  We knew we wanted to get to core issues.  We didn’t wrap it up but we did begin the unwrap process.
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