Does Google frustrate anyone besides me?  Overall, I’d have to say it’s my preferred search engine in quality, flexibility and presentation of the data I search for.  BUT…
And these are huge… it’s
  • Awkward with places you dare not click or something appears (in the olden days white space was always a safe clicking area to gain control the the mouse)
  • Sluggish when entering my search terms
  • Multi-frames each with independent scroll bars means excessive scrolling (esp.
  • Bookmarks has twice lost all are some of my bookmarks
  • All these “newfangled” icons for entries (+1, etc.) aid to confusion
  • Browser “back page” yields initial Google home vs. list of search terms – argh!  Now I have to use the slow search box again!
OK, to be fair these are ONLY the ones on the top of my head.  There are a lot more.  Whatever happened to the old days when a search was simple and not some bloated do-everything-in-one-neat-package-so-you-slow-the-function-down.
Come to think of it Microsoft went the same route, as have many other software companies (Intuit, etc.)
Why can’t you add bells and whistles and make them 100% optional.  Remove all their functionality (and resulting slowdowns) if I decide they’re not worth the price.  Give me the option to keep what is working fine, working fine.
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