What’s with the prevailing attitude of this younger generation?
At the risk a a broad-brush stereotype why is the merging generation of young adults sitting around waiting for their ships to come in?  It’s a tough job market.  I have several peers, advanced in decades, who have lost their jobs for various reasons over the last 10 years.  For the most part they have jumped in and taken whatever they could find – some even working 2 jobs at fast food and mowing lawns to reduce the impact of the reduction in income.  These are men who have “paid their dues” jumping in and moving back to ground zero in the job market.  They do what it takes.  Most have, after a few weeks, months or in some cases years, finally found the job they were hoping for in the first place.
Then there’s this emerging generation of adults.  They refuse to look at “menial” jobs.  They know the one they are looking for is just around the corner.  Give me a break.  A year later and still not working?  Why is it you’re so much better than my peers who break their backs and do what it takes?  Do you deserve better?
Or have you been trained to “not get stuck in my dead-end job” and the unintended consequence of my generations training is to create and attitude of entitlement?  I have observed my generation as a whole and we are pretty spoiled.  We pretty much grew up thinking we should have the cars, houses, furniture of our preceding generation without the years of work it took them to get to that point.  We saw credit at the answer to our dilemma and so many of us dug ourselves in pretty deeply.  Why didn’t we have to pay our dues?
Guess the wheels keep turning and we get what we perpetrate.  Thank goodness there are exceptions to the rule.  These will be our leaders while the majority stay on their little wheel striving for the futile.
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One Response to “A Product of Goodwill?”

  1. sfitzgerald Says:

    Hi David, You must have had my life in mind! LOL I don’t know if anyone else can see the comments…but I am David’s sister and I work one full time job and one part time job and two men in my house not working!!! I don’t see an answer in sight. BUT…I keep waiting!

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