What do you say when the first birthday you’ve had the privilege of acknowledging took 265 years to happen?
Tonight the planet Neptune completes its first trip around the sun since humans first discovered the gas giant planet.
Neptune is the only planet to have been discovered by mathematics. French astronomer Urbain Le Verrier noticed irregularities in the motions of other planets, and from these perturbations calculated that there must be an eighth planet lurking out beyond Uranus.
Using Le Verrier’s calculations, German astronomer Johann Galle at the Berlin Observatory located the new planet on Sept. 23, 1846.
Now it’s 265 years later and the planets’ aligned as it was when James K. Polk was president.  The same year the United State House of Representatives says “No more!” to sharing the Oregon Territory with the United Kingdom.  Also, that is the year the Liberty bell was cracked while being rung on George Washington’s birthday.
I guess it was a pretty big year – just too bad my great-great-great grandparents forgot to remind me to keep a look out.
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