Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.” -Michael Pritchard
Wow!  Isn’t there a lot packed into this quote!
Are there any negative thoughts, feelings or actions which are not, at their deepest level, motivated by fear?  There can be, I’m sure, but how much of the way I am, the things I do or the things I think are rooted in fear?
Much of my negative behavior is a protection I have learned to put on to shield my soul from the onslaught.  Aren’t these fears most often lies.  Untruths that our brain believes to be true.
I can heal the fear by exposing it to the Truth.  As the fear heals, so too will my negative behaviors fall away.  No longer will I be a slave to lies.
The key is to get the the deepest root to heal the source of the wounds.  It’s either that or ’round and ’round we go re-entering that darkroom.
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