News that the Internet is out of addresses leaks out on the same day Punxutawney Phil sticks his head out of the ground?  I smell a rat.
Ok, here are two “seemingly” unrelated news stories.  You conspiracists should be all over this, but remember you heard it here first.

The top-level authority that governs such addresses will distribute the last batches on Thursday, two people with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press.

The current Internet address system, Internet Protocol version 4, has been in place since the 1980s. It allows for a theoretical maximum of 4.3 billion addresses in use, far beyond what was thought necessary for what was then mainly a network for academic use.


… On Wednesday, National Geographic gave us a giant lesson on Phil that totally buried the lead: “Romans also believed that conditions during the first days of February were good predictors of future weather, but the empire looked to hedgehogs for their forecasts.”


Hedgehogs? Hedgehogs?! We’ve been looking to the wrong animal all this time? Turns out when German settlers came to the United States, they couldn’t find any hedgehogs, so they settled on groundhogs instead. So that’s why we get 40 percent accuracy!

I knew it all along.  We’ve become all too complacent that the Internet would be there.  We’ve relied on it for our news, for our trivia and for communicating with one another.  We take it for granted.  Isn’t this the lesson of the groundhog?  We’re lulled into believing life is moving forward, that everything is OK.
40% accuracy and we trust Phil.  4.3 billion addresses and we assume things won’t come to a grinding halt.  It’s not mere coincidence these two news articles present themselves on the same day.  The paths have crossed in the year the Mayan calendar ends.  Think about it.
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