If you have progressed from the traditional oven baked turkey, to the BBQ turkey, to the deep-fried turkey, and are ready to move on, here’s a new one for you.  Drop cooking your turkey.
OK, below is my summary.  You can view the full, condensed version with circles and arrows and fancy physics symbols at Wired.com.

How high would you have to drop a frozen turkey so that it is cooked when it lands?

First, some assumptions.
  • The turkey is made of water and starts off as ice at 32 degrees F.
  • The turkey is a sphere with a radius of 15 cm. (or generically, I will call it r)
  • When the turkey falls through the atmosphere, half of the energy dissipated goes into the turkey and half goes into the atmosphere.
  • I am going to ignore the increase in thermal energy when the turkey hits the ground. Just because.
  • A turkey is ready if it is at 180 degrees F
Skipping past all the physics, bottom-line is that you’d need to drop your turkey from about 45 miles above the Earth.  Is that for a stuffed or unstuffed turkey?
This has yet to be run past the FDA for proper food safety so cook at your own risk.
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