The five-second rule is a popular fiction regarding the eating of various objects that have fallen to the floor or ground. The origin of the rule is unknown. The substance of the rule is that if food falls on the ground, it may be safely eaten as long as it is picked up within five seconds.

There are many variations on the rule. Sometimes the time limit is modified so that it is known variously as the “three-second rule”, “seven-second rule”, “thirty-second rule”, and “ten-second rule”, among others. In some variations, the person picking up the food arbitrarily extends the time limit based on the actual amount of time required to retrieve the food. This also can vary based on the surface on which the food was dropped. In Russia there exists a similar rule: “Promptly picked up is not considered fallen”.
Although it has received little scholarly attention, the five-second rule has been studied as both a public health recommendation and as a sociological effect. It has been proven un-true.
In 2002, intern Jillian Clarke of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign found in a survey that 96% of the men and 13% of the women surveyed were familiar with the five-second rule.
source: Wikipedia
So, why are men more familiar with this rule than women?
Isn’t this “rule” nothing more than an excuse to justify to others what we’d do if they were not there?
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2 Responses to “Five Second Rule”

  1. Jon Walsh Says:

    On the Newport News (SSN 750), we had a 5-second rule. It was rescinded in 1996, when we managed to blow sans inboard throughout the forward compartment right before morning wakeups.

  2. Dave Says:

    LOL! I hear you! Thanks for sharing that!

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