In my May 25th post, End of an Era, I stated that I was mulling whether 6 years culminated in a feeling of being full.  I also expressed a few obvious questions.
Several of my questions were answered in the form of ‘bonus material’ on the season 6 DVD’s.  Kudos for a well thought out answer to why Dharma shipments were still being dropped decades after no communication with The Island.  Still, am I to believe that the ‘men in the know’ on the Dharma Initiative ALL lived on the island and thus ALL were killed in The Purge?
I now know more about the HurleyBird, I now know why Dr. Pierre Chang, aka Dr. Marvin Candle, aka Dr Mark Wickmund, aka Dr. Edgar Halliwax or Miles’ father had various names.
But there is still so much more unanswered.  ’The End’ as the final episode was titled did not wrap anything up.  Gathering the losties for a final episode is not my idea of conclusion.  Therefore I have decided that 6 seasons – no matter how engaged I was in spouting Lost mythos to all those around me – was not well spent.
I sincerely expected a real conclusion from such excellent writers.  The crash survivors might just as well have each awakened the morning of the flight and each had a premonition of what might be.  They all cancel their flight plans and life goes on.
So, after 112 days of deliberation, I have decided that the number 108 has only minor significance.
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