Lost is done.  My first impressions after two days of mulling… not sure.
The brilliant writers of an awesome TV show did their best.  And they succeeded in a beautiful symmetry in the series.  Obviously (based on the series conclusion) the focus of the series was the characters understanding their interdependency.  This was handled well.  I have no complaints here.
I never watched the show for the characters.  The characters moved the story but I watched for the story-telling.  The story behind the characters is lukewarm in its conclusion.  Lukewarm because it is incomplete.  At this point too many “red herrings” were presented and never closed.  This is the point in which I am unsure.  Due to the brilliance of the writers these story elements could have been addressed and I simply missed them.  This is what I hope as I ponder the past 4½ years (I was pulled into the story half way through the 2nd season).
Here is a list of issues that were major enough red herrings as to require an answer:
    • The “numbers” were significant, at least to Dharma – why would Dharma broadcast via radio transmission
    • Going back a step – the radio signals were broadcast earlier than Dharma (70’s), again WHY would someone broadcast these numbers
    • If Jacob did not allow anyone to leave the island – why leave a loophole wherein, Dharma, Michael & Walt or even Ben could leave?
    • Ben has been to Tunisia and elsewhere by previous turning of the Donkey Wheel, as can be noted by various passports and currencies.  1) How did he get back to the island, 2) why when he turned the wheel did the island not go wonky in time like when John turned the wheel
    • When the island disappeared where did it go.  If it simple went to another time, then theoretically it went to the future in which it was sunk – but then it never sunk.
    • Why did Dr, Chang keep changing his name?
    • Did the man in black (MIB) take the form of black horses?
    • How did the drug running plane get to the island from Africa?
    • Was Hurley’s friend Dave really in Hurley’s mind?
More to be added to this list as this is a quick recap of 6 years in my head.  And please notice I am not asking why Dharma is still dropping shipments years after they have had no contact with the island… and who is Dharma anyway?
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