I am preparing for a quick overnight trip of exploration next week.  Nothing elaborate, just fun.  As my son and I were trying to figure out where we’d go and what we’d do – especially after the recent snow – we hit upon the idea of camping in the car and hiking during the day.  It’ll just be the two of us – so cans of food over my backpack stove and warm sleeping bags in the van ought be uncomfortable enough.
Well, me being the person that needs a purpose, seized upon the idea of finding gold mines.  Below is the area and many, but by no means all, of the mines in the area.  This should give us ample opportunity to trek overland with GPSr in hand and take photos.
So off we go to Alleghany, CA as our “base camp.”  We see how many of these locations we can conquer in under 24 hours, if we can even get there on ice free roads.

Allegheny, CA is indicated by the yellow circle.
The RED and the BLUE lines are alternate routes to “base camp.”
The piece of real estate depicted is wedged between Highway 49 and Highway 20.
Oh yes, our initial destination – site unseen is…. Queen of Sheba Mine.

The story of Allegheny, CA.

My intent is of create a map and images of each site visited as an ongoing record of the conquest.  If I recall there are only 3,000 or so mines scattered within my region of the state.  How long can it take to conquer all of them.
You may not want to hold your breath for my journaling of the mines or my visit to each of the 3,000+.
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