I’m often running toward the next thing.  Life has no time to get boring.  On the flip-side, life leaves no time to smell the roses.  Where’s the balance in it all?
This previous Saturday was one of those days that started way before I wanted to get up.  So many things, so few that I could actually get to.  Then in the midst of this I get a call asking for more of that time.  I knew (and desired) that I should make this new request to the top of the list.  I told him that I would work around his schedule.  I had no idea how the day would pan out but I knew this was “right” in the scheme of what’s important in life.
I scheduled one other priority event for a friend to coincide with a good healthy walk/talk.  These two events were the most important; these two events were people.  After a 7:00am start (I allowed myself to sleep in!), I find myself at 2pm ready to begin the other things on my list.  Suddenly it occurred to me that all “other” (aka people) dependant events were accomplished.  Now the time was “mine,” if I can call this “list” mine.
I think to myself that the kids are gone for the rest of the day so it was time to drop it all and have some fun!  I looked my wife in the eyes and said something to the effect that the day is done so let’s go have fun.  She’s all for that!  We ran off did a few things – boring, something else – yes!  something else – boring, something else – yes!  In the course of the next 8 hours we chose some unsuccessful activities and some great ones.  We had fun together.  Even in the middle of the boring-let’s-get-out-of-here activities we shared those together and enjoyed the company.
It did wonders for my soul.  And you know what?  I can only recall one thing that was all so important and didn’t get done last weekend.  You know what?  It’ll be there next time I make time for it.
Somehow life is about roses and lists.  The soul needs a balance of both or it withers for lack of joy or lack of purpose.
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One Response to “Is Busy Good?”

  1. Susie Says:

    I think that being too busy is too easy. I always want to be involved in everything. This committee, that organization… The next thing you know, I find myself engaged in too many things, and life turns into a buffet of stress. It’s hard to pull back sometimes, but I believe it’s all about keeping perspective. Your Sis

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