Cone Of Silence?

Wikipedia says:

The Cone of Silence is one of many recurring joke devices from Get Smart, an American comedy television series of the 1960s. In the series, whenever Maxwell Smart (“Agent 86”) wanted to speak to his boss (“Chief”) about a sensitive matter, he would insist on the use of a technology called “the Cone of Silence”. The Chief, usually with annoyed skepticism, would press a switch, causing the device to descend from above the Chief’s desk, surrounding the heads of the two would-be conversers. Part of the humor was in the irony that Agent 86 and Chief could never hear each other clearly, while bystanders in the room could hear everything they said.

As you would expect from this genre of television the gag was on them.  The reality was that the cone actually hampered communication and created disappointment rather than the much sought after security it promised.  How often, for our own “security” reasons, do we invoke the figurative “Cone of Silence” and once inside find disappointment and isolation.

In the course of this blog I will touch on many subject areas including marriage, friendships, general pontifications about the state of affairs, as well as the spiritual.  The topics will wander around my reading of various books, studies, conversations, web sites and whatever else passes in front of my eyes that cause the sparks of my imagination, justice and fairplay to ignite.

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